This will (somewhat) chronicle the next, and so far best, chapter in my life! I've moved to Hockessin, DE with an amazing woman that I am happy to call my fiance, and soon my wife. I also have a great house, dog, and couldn't be happier!

12 September 2008

Yes, I Like Cats

So what?! Yous gotta problem wit dat?! (Think: Philly accent when reading that last line).

Anyway, I saw this on a radio show's website and thought it was hysterical. The person who made it added some sound effects, but it's still very funny.

This cat might even be dumber than Renegade!

The Finer Things...

I wish I had remembered my camera last night, and Tanya's phone wasn't working; but it would have been nice to capture this moment on film.

Last night I had a martini while sitting in the Diamond Club section at the Phillies game. Very, very nice.

She shares season tickets with some other lawyers in her office, and we went to last night's game against the Brewers. The Phils won, 6-3 and it was a great time. The Diamond Club is the section directly behind home plate and we were 17 rows up (about 50 m from home plate)! It was also the first time I've ever had draft Stella Artois at a baseball game.

After getting some food, we were sitting in the exclusive Diamond Club bar and I noticed that it was in fact, a full bar. I mentioned that I never thought I'd be in a position to drink a martini and sit in the stands at a baseball game. With that, Tanya promptly got up, went to the bar, and came back with an ice cold Beefeater martini...up, with two olives! Granted, it was in a plastic martini glass, but hey - they have to have some rules.

In any case, it was a great time. That's the way to do baseball games - in style!