This will (somewhat) chronicle the next, and so far best, chapter in my life! I've moved to Hockessin, DE with an amazing woman that I am happy to call my fiance, and soon my wife. I also have a great house, dog, and couldn't be happier!

28 November 2008


Sometimes this cat does some funny stuff. Weird, but funny.

I wouldn't have thought the bathroom sink was comfortable, but apparently he did.

Hey - at least I didn't find him curled up in the toilet!

This picture was actually a while ago. Now, most cats could do this no problem. You know, most cats are good jumpers, graceful, good balance, etc. Not Renegade. He has all the grace of a drunk offensive lineman on ice-skates. How he managed to balance on the back of this chair I'll never know....

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Anonymous said...

The picture of your wacky cat in the sink made me laugh out loud!! I can't believe he couldn't find a more comfortable spot in which to curl up.